Liquid Nitrogen

The University offers weekly delivery and fill-up services for small Dewars every Wednesday, and fill-up services at the loading dock for 230 litre Dewars every Tuesday.

If you have any questions regarding this service, please email

Calibration Services

Suppliers from the Biobar offer calibration services and repairs.

Pipette Calibration Clinic

Every three months, the Biobar organizes a pipette calibration clinic. Date, time and location are announced a week in advance at the Biobar and on the Purchasing website. A sales representative from each supplier will also visit to advise the labs of the upcoming clinics.

Pipette Drop-Off Boxes

Pipette calibration drop-off boxes are located at the Biobar in room RGN 1129. Pipettes must be placed in a bag with a calibration form. Bags and forms are also available at the Biobar. Pick-ups and shipping of the pipettes are done weekly, every Friday, with an average turn-around of five business days.

Please contact for supplier calibration form.

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