Visiting Professor Program

The Department of Radiology has been a proud host to many Visiting Professors from all over the world. These distinguished professors have enhanced our faculty’s understanding of current developments and practices in Radiology and Medicine in a wide variety of imaging subspecialties including pediatrics.  

The Visiting Professor program ​offers our medical students, residents, fellows, scientists and technologists a forum to exchange ideas and ​to experience different teaching styles from leading experts from around the world.  

We host approximately 5-6 Visiting Professors in our department each year. A typical visiting professor does two mornings of case reviews with our residents followed by two lunchtime keynote lectures open to the entire department, including interested technologists, scientists, physicists, as well as community radiologists from outside our institution.

How it all started: In the early 1980’s, Dr. Ian Hammond, ​now Professor of Radiology, University of Ottawa, set up the Ottawa Hull Imaging Society with representation from all the local departments as a means of inviting guest speakers with Royal College ​support. Dr. Ian Hammond was the first president, followed by Dr. Rebecca Peterson, Associate Professor of Radiology, University of Ottawa. Initially started as a dinner program held at Le Cercle Universitaire on Laurier Street (now Signatures) in downtown Ottawa​​, it evolved to the format we embrace today. The first Visiting Professor and speaker was the late Dr. Max Palayew from McGill University.

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