Picture of Dr. Pantarotto, Julie Renaud and Miller Macpherson

Miller MacPherson, Julie Renaud and Dr. Jason Pantarotto 

Radiation oncologists are medical specialists whose expertise is in cancer care and prescribing radiation as part of the cure or symptom relief of patients. They work closely with their medical and surgical oncology colleagues to develop treatment plans for each individual patient. In rare situations, benign tumours are also treated by radiation oncologists.

Once prescribed, radiation is planned and administered by radiation therapists who ensure that the prescribed dose is delivered safely and appropriately. Medical physicist act behind the scenes to ensure accuracy through precise monitoring of equipment and processes.

Team Leaders include:

Jason Pantarotto MD FRCPC
Chief, Division of Radiation Oncology

Julie Renaud, MRT(T)
Chief, Radiation Therapy
Tel: 737-7700 ext 70196
Email: jurenaud@toh.ca

Miller MacPherson, PhD FCCPM
Head of Physics
Tel: 613-737-7700 x 70011
Email: mmacpherson@toh.ca


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