Resident Education


Radiation Oncology programs across the country transitioned to Competency by Design as the method of training in 2019. This system relies on frequent and immediate feedback to help trainees focus their needs during training.  Residents complete 4 phases of training; Transition to Discipline, Foundations of Discipline, Core of Discipline and Transition to Practice, as they complete their training.  Each year is divided into 13 – four – week blocks, with training taking an average of 5 years to complete.  The residents first year is designed to provide residents with the basic clinical training needed to practice Radiation Oncology. The remaining 4 years focus primarily on Radiation Oncology, both inpatient and outpatient rotations, as well as related subspecialties, including 1 period of Diagnostic Radiology, 3 periods of Medical Oncology, and 1 period of Hematology/Oncology.

Most clinical rotations are based at the Ottawa Hospital, including the Ottawa Cancer Centre, at both the General Campus and the Irving Greenberg Cancer Centre, and at the children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario. All trainees must complete at least 1 period of training during the PGY4 & PGY5 year at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, to enhance their knowledge and experience in Pediatric Radiation Oncology and one elective in a community hospital that delivers radiation oncology. Residents can arrange elective rotations at other referral centres or in the community, and all residents have an opportunity to participate in peripheral Radiation Oncology Clinics.



Graham Cook, MD, FRCPC
Program Director,  Division of Radiation Oncology
Lecturer, University of Ottawa


Continuing Medical Education

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