PFAC award to Radiation Oncology for Nunavut clinic

Posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2022

"Since 2015, the Champlain Cancer Program’s Patient and Family Advisory Council award (PFAC) has been recognizing individuals or teams who have implemented an initiative that has directly or indirectly enhanced the patient/family experience with cancer care. Applications should clearly explain how the initiative demonstrates the principles of patient and family centred care (respect and dignity, information sharing, participation and collaboration) and one or more of; a positive impact on those affected by cancer; a positive impact on staff and organizations within the Champlain Region; significant gains in efficiency and productivity to the benefit of patients and their families; transferability of idea or best practice to other organizations (e.g., other programs that affect long-term illnesses, etc.); and sustainability.

I am so pleased to share with Departmental members that a Radiation Oncology submission entitled Nunavut Cancer Clinic is this year’s winner of the PFAC Award. The committee highlighted the importance of this initiative to improve access to oncology services for the residents of Nunavut. Additional comments reflected the truly humanitarian efforts put forth by the team. To help people stay close to home and provide support when they are so vulnerable is an immeasurable gift.

I want to add my congratulations to the Radiation Oncology team and reinforce the praise above. A large number of people enabled this clinic led by Marc Gaudet, Gad Perry, Dr Patty DeMaio, Dr Matt Kwon and Dr Francois de Wet. Thanks also to Miller MacPherson, Tim Asmis, Gwen Barton, Carolyn Roberts, Kelly Linden and Julie Renaud. The first clinic began Jul 18th. The clinic will see new patients having not yet completed workup to help in guiding appropriate staging examinations, New patients with completed staging for an initial evaluation prior to going down to Ottawa for treatment and follow-up patients who would benefit from an in-person assessment in Iqaluit. The patient centered approach is fundamental to the quality of care we aspire to, and I want to thank the Radiology Oncology team for creating this initiative and braving the challenging weather to provide an essential service to the Iqaluit community.

For more information on the clinic and its impacts."

- Richard Aviv

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