Scantrainer Purchase

Posted on Friday, October 22, 2021

We have purchased a Scantrainer in conjunction with Departments of Obs Gyn, ED and in partnership with uOSSC. This is a remarkable simulation aid described below that will facilitate learners in acquiring the experience needed to perform complex ultrasound scans on patients

  • It is an education tool using real patient scans with curriculum-based teaching
  • ScanTrainer uses haptic devices with realistic landmarks to replicate multiple patient shapes and provide realistic/real-time sensory feedback
  • Subject areas include detailed modules in obstetrics, gynecology, general ultrasound and emergency medicine
  • Both introductory and advanced course-sets, from basics to subspecialty modules
  • Ability to mark/track performance based on expert metrics, which allows trainees to self-learn at their own pace, while also allowing supervision and direction
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