Ian Hammond MD, FRCPC, FACR


Ian Hammond MD, FRCPC, FACR


Dr. Hammond was the chief of radiology at The Ottawa Hospital (1988-95) and chairman of the University of Ottawa, Department of Radiology (1991-99). He was President of the Canadian Association of Radiologists (2001-03) and received the CAR Gold Medal in 2006. He has been a board member of the Ontario Association of Radiologists since 2006, and the president of the Canadian Radiological Foundation since 2011.

 He has peer-reviewed publications covering topics in chest radiology, abdominal, obstetrical, and thyroid ultrasound as well as in uterine artery embolization for fibroid ablation. His current academic interest is the field of osteoporosis and bone density

His publication list can be accessed on ResearchGate.

Specialty: General Community Radiology

Clinical Interests: Ultrasound, bone mineral densitometry

Residency: McGill University

Fellowship: Clinical fellow, The Ottawa Hospital

Fields of Interest

  • Osteoporosis
  • thyroid cancer
  • Patient-Related Issues
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