Dr. Katie Lekx-Toniolo PhD, MCCPM


Dr. Katie Lekx-Toniolo PhD, MCCPM
Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa

Office: 613-737-7700 ext. 70390
Work E-mail: klekxtoniolo@toh.ca

Katie S. Lekx-Toniolo


Dr. Lekx-Toniolo is a Medical Physicist in the Radiation Medicine program at The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre and assistant professor in the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine’s Department of Radiology.  She completed her BSc (1999) and PhD (2004) in the Department of Medical Biophysics at Western University and a multi-institutional post-doctoral fellowship (2006).  During that time, she was investigating myocardial viability in the presence of different forms of heart disease using PET, SPECT and MR imaging.  In 2006, she started a residency in Radiation Oncology physics and became part of the medical physics team in Ottawa in 2008.  Dr. Lekx-Toniolo is active in many clinical radiotherapy activities within the Medical Physics Department – Lead of external beam Treatment Planning, Cyberknife, System Administration, Process Improvements, Incident Learning, Total Body Irradiation.  Dr Lekx-Toniolo is interested in improving processes to make the journey through the process safer and more efficient as well as resulting in higher quality treatment plans.

Her publication list can be accessed on her Google Scholar page.

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