Accomplished Faculty of Medicine professors earn Canada Research Chairs

Posted on Friday, June 18, 2021

Dr Khaled Elmam and Dr Rita Horvath

Khaled El Emam (Faculty of Medicine and CHEO Research Institute) — Canada Research Chair in Medical Artificial Intelligence

Khaled El Emam’s research will focus on developing a methodology for the synthesis of complex health data. This means applying artificial intelligence techniques to model personal clinical and biological information stored in databases. These models can be used to generate virtual patients that mimic the characteristics of real patients. This solves data-sharing problems and enables adding simulated patients to accelerate clinical studies.


Rita Horvath (Faculty of Medicine and CHEO Research Institute) — Canada Research Chair in Mitochondrial Disease Pathogenesis to Therapy

Mitochondrial diseases are genetic disorders that are difficult to diagnose and cause a range of devastating physical, developmental and intellectual disabilities. Rita Horvath’s research aims to understand the molecular mechanisms of mitochondrial disease, to provide accurate diagnosis and develop targeted therapies.


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