The Ottawa Bioinformatics Core Facility

Posted on Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The Ottawa Bioinformatics Core Facility provides a wide range of analysis services to support University of Ottawa scientists at all phases of their research. Analysis of bulk and single cell RNA-seq data and genomic variant calling are currently our most requested services. We develop custom analysis workflows for specific projects as needed, often involving the integration and comparison of multiple data types and hypothesis testing based on public omics data sets. We provide advice on bioinformatics research design, conduct bioinformatics analysis, and provide support for grant proposals that involve bioinformatics (conducting pilot studies, support/collaboration letters, methodological text, etc.) We conduct courses on the analysis of bulk and single-cell RNASeq data and can provide tailored individual training on specific analysis types for researchers on request.

Please contact Gareth Palidwor to discuss how we can support your research.

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