Cardiovascular and Vascular Biology

Historically through the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI), the Faculty of Medicine has had a strong track record of research excellence in cardiovascular disease. In addition to this intense research activity, a number of other scientists within the Faculty and our affiliated research institutes have begun to show great promise. This has led to a concerted effort to develop a multi-disciplinary and inter-institutional initiative centered on cardiovascular diseases and vascular biology with key additional participation from the UOHI, the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and the Faculty’s Basic Science Departments. Strategic planning sessions have taken place with the view of soliciting input from all stakeholders to develop the necessary vision and strategies to ensure the success of this new initiative. A first and major outcome of these planning sessions is a five-year strategic plan called the Ottawa Region for Advanced Cardiovascular Research Excellence (ORACLE), which will focus on further enhancing research activities thereby enabling ORACLE to become a key Canadian leader in cardiovascular innovation and knowledge translation. This will put the Ottawa region well on the road to be recognized among the top international hubs in cutting-edge cardiovascular and vascular research.

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