Vanier/NSERC and Vanier/CIHR awards

Publié le lundi 23 juin 2014

Ragunath Singaravelu, Mame Daro Faye, Naomi Samantha De Silva

In 2009, the University of Ottawa recommended 14 students for Vanier/NSERC and Vanier/CIHR awards. Seven of the candidates received the award, including three from one of the graduate studies programs at the Faculty of Medicine.

For more information on the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships, go to Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

Ragunath Singaravelu, Master of Science - Microbiology and Immunology

Supervisor: Dr. John Paul Pezacki

Mame Daro Faye, Doctorate in Philosophy - Biochemistry

Supervisor: Dr. Martin Holcik

Naomi Samantha De Silva, Master of Science - Biochemistry,

Specialization in Human and Molecular Genetics

Supervisor: Dr. John Bell

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