Our Partners

  • The Department of Surgery at the uOttawa is comprised of 8 academic divisions (including the following specialities: cardiac surgery, general surgery, neurosurgery, othopaedic surgery, plastic surgery, thoracic surgery, urology, and vascular surgery).
  • Each academic division work closely with its respective clinical division located at The Ottawa Hospital (General, Civic and Riverside Campuses), CHEO, and the uOttawa Heart Institute, as well as other hospitals throughout our community. 
  • The academic department works closely with its partners at the uOttawa and the Faculty of Medicine, as well as local research institutes and academic medical organizations (including TOHAMO).

Mentorship and Wellness

  • The department has recently made commitment in updating its mission statements to support its members in the realms of mentorship and wellness. We look forward to operationalize this in the coming months and years.

Quality Improvement

  • In addition to its Education, Research, Mentorship and Wellness Pillars, the department also strives for excellence in Quality Improvement.


  • The Department of Surgery Office includes a number of administrative and operational committees ensuring that it runs smoothly. We encourage all staff to become involved in the department to make it even stronger. Reach out to the appropriate office staff for more information. 


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