Surgical Oncology Unit

A surgical oncology fellowship started in July 2017.

Patients are referred through the Cancer Assessment Centre (CAC), Surgical Oncology single stream and Melanoma. The Surgical Oncology team provides specialized consultation and management of patients including:

  • suspected abdominal malignancy requiring further diagnostic work up for
  • confirmation
  • suspected or confirmed GI malignancies including colorectal, small bowel,
  • gastric, and carcinoid tumours
  • melanoma for surgical management
  • cancer patients requiring consideration for surgical palliation
  • urgent endoscopic evaluation for suspected malignancy
  • abdominal/retroperitoneal masses NYD
  • suspected or confirmed soft tissue sarcoma and GIST
  • cancer metastases (retroperitoneal/abdominal, excluding hepatic) requiring consideration for surgical resection

The surgical oncology unit is the only centre in the region to perform retroperitoneal sarcoma surgery.

The staff members are actively involved in the education of undergraduate medical students and postgraduate trainees (residents and fellows) and in continuing professional development for physicians in practice.

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