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Research Program Awards (RPA)

  • Support outstanding research programs (new or established) for two years ($120k).
  • RPA Guidelines and RPA Template
  • Submit your Research Program Award Proposal.
  • Deadline: February 7, 2022
  • RPA Awardees: Submit your Research Program Award first-year report here.

Junior Faculty Research Grants (JFRG)

  • Support new faculty (<5 years since their first appointment) research projects ($25k).
  • JFRG Guidelines and JFRG Template
  • Submit your Junior Faculty Research Grant Proposal
  • Deadline: February 7, 2022

*NEW* Big Data Grants (BDG)

  • Support for big data projects; Provides $12.5k in matching funds (and an equivalent or more should be obtained within 6 months of the competition deadline)
  • BDG Guidelines and BDG Template
  • Submit your Big Data Grant Proposal
  • Deadline: February 7, 2022

*NEW* Surgical Seed Grants (SSG)

Resident Research Grant (RRG)

Wolves’ Den Grant

  • Live grant competition held at the annual DoS Research Half Day ($20k).
  • Pre-competition Deadline: November 2022 
  • Submit Wolves' Den Proposal - CLOSED

FoM Translational Research Grants (including DoS and FoM Basic Science Departments)

  • Funding for collaborative projects between clinical and basic scientists ($50k)

    Important Message about all Department of Surgery Grant Competitions:
    • The same project should not be submitted to both the Research Program Award and Junior Faculty Research Grant competitions.
    • Only one award will be made per person (when submitting to multiple competitions closing at the same time).
    • For each individual competition, there is a one-year embargo after a successful application.

    Other Internal Grants

    • Local sources for research funding outside of the Department of Surgery (i.e., from uOttawa, TOH. TOHAMO, etc)

    External Granting Agencies

    • List of external funding agencies
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