Wolves’ Den

Objective: To award the strongest grant proposal from DoS staff surgeons in a live competition

Description: Researchers compete for  $20 k for their research project in the Wolves’ Den (i.e., protocols are pre-screened, ranked, and critiqued live by the surgical wolves [experienced researchers]).

When: DoS Research Half Day

2021 Wolves: TBA

Moderator: TBA


  • Only DoS faculty members are eligible to submit to the Wolves’ Den grant competition.
  • Substitute presenters are not permitted (unless approved in advance of the live competition).

Guidelines for writing proposals:

All proposals will:

  • Be limited to ~500 words (exactly 3000 characters)
  • Include headings like background, objective, methods, impact, and budget (overview)
  • Be submitted as a single paragraph (link is found here)

Successful proposals will:

  • Articulate how they will lead to high-impact publications and/or further grant funding.
  • Demonstrate their impact on patient care
  • Describe the impact of the $20 k grant on the project (whose overall costs may exceed $20 k

Review criteria will include an assessment of the following:

  • Clearly articulated and feasible objective
  • Level of collaboration and innovation in the proposal
  • Design of the methods to address the stated objectives
  • Likelihood of impactful publication
  • Likelihood of external grant funding
  • Impact of a $20 k on the project


  • The top-3 protocols identified through a pre-competition by expert reviewers
  • The top-3 proposals will be present to the wolves at the DoS Research Half Day
  • Wolves will question the presenter about the proposed project
  • Winner will be announced at the end of the Research Half Day

Previous Wolves' Den Grant Winners:

Year Awardee Title
2020 Dr. Georege Grammatopoulos Intra-Articular Adipose Tissue:  biomarker and therapeutic target for arthritic hip joints?
2019 Dr. Fahad AlKherayf Intraoperative continuous flash visual evoked potentials monitoring during minimally invasive endoscopic skull base surgery, a novel approach to improve patient outcome 
2018 Dr. Hesam Abdelbary Using a novel 3D printed titanium hip replacement rat model to anatomically map biofilm formation in surrounding tissues of a periprosthetic joint infection
2017 Dr. Joel Werier The development and feasibility of a Virtual Multidisciplinary Cancer Conference (vMCC) for metastatic bone disease to improve quality of care across the Champlain LHIN

Alumni Wolves:

  • Rebecca Auer (2017, 2020)
  • Marc Ruel (2017)
  • Tim Ramsey (2017)
  • Andrew Seely (2017, 2018, 2019)
  • Carolyn Nessim (2018)
  • Paul Beaulé (2018)
  • Joel Werier (2018)
  • Isabelle Raiche (2019)
  • Erin Cordeiro (2019)
  • Hesham Abdelbary (2019)
  • Jocelyn Cote (2020)
  • Angel Arnaout (2020)
  • Fahad AlKherayf (2020)
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