Research Half Day

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The Department of Surgery Research Half Day

  • All are welcome (Staff, Residents, Research Personnel, and Students)
  • November / December 2021 

Wolves Den - Live Grant Competition

The Wolves' Den is held annually at the Research Half Day. Surgeons in our department enter the Wolves' Den and present their research to the Surgical Wolves. A rapid-fire question and answer session, audience voting, and deliberation by the Surgical Wolves determine who will be win the grant. For a full description of the Wolves' Den competition, view our grants page, where the submission portal is also available. 

  • Proposals will be due in October 2021

Research Excellence Awards

  • Nominations will be due in October 2021
  • Submit your Research Excellence Nominations here.

The Research Awards are peer-nominated awards that recognize contributions made by members of our department, under three categories:

Researcher of the Year

Research Mentor of the Year

Research Personnel of the Year

Letters of nomination are due in October/November annually. Nominations should outline:

  • Why you believe that your nominee is a candidate for the award
  • How their work aligns with the DoS Research Vision and Values
  • Specific examples of their contribution(s)


Previous Research Excellence Awardees

Year Researcher of the Year Research Mentor of the Year Research Personnel of the Year
2020 Dr. Andrew Seely Dr. Prasad Jetty Dr. Michael Kennedy
2019 Dr. Rodney Breau Dr. Guillaume Martel Caitlin Anstee
2018 Dr. Rebecca Auer Dr. Peter Lapner Johanna Dobransky
2017 Dr. Marc Ruel  

Andrea Marie Ibrahim

Dr. Christiano Tanese de Souza


Research Half Day Schedule

Research Half Day 2020 + Collins Half Day

  • Coming soon.
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