37 new students take the leap into Translational and Molecular Medicine (TMM)

Posted on Friday, September 15, 2017

Dr. Jean François Couture, director of the program, welcomed 37 new students into the TMM program on September 5 during Orientation Day.

The group of new students got the opportunity to meet with their classmates and professors.

With great enthusiasm, they have started the beginning of two exciting years within the Faculty of Medicine.

“I am confident that at the end of your respective programs, each and every one of you will be exceptionally prepared to either continue with your training or to enter the job market with a competitive edge,” said Dr. Jasmin. “From here, you will all be armed with knowledge, skills, and a level of professionalism and commitment that will position you to be model citizens.”  Dr. Jasmin – Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

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