2018 In Appreciation

Four years ago, the Faculty asked us to prepare a few words for our White Coat Ceremony. On that day, each of us went up on stage, shook hands with Dr. Bradwejn and Dr. Forgie, and for the first time looked into the faces of those who would become the keys to our success at the Faculty of Medicine. Today we wish to thank them.

The students of the graduating class of 2018 would like to express their sincere gratitude to:

Our honorary presidents, Dr. John Leddy and Dr. Chuck Su, for their active involvement in our education and their continued support throughout our years of study, especially in difficult times.

The Dean’s Office for their presence and support every step of the way. We particularly thank our previous dean Dr. Jacques Bradwejn and interim dean Dr. Bernard Jasmin for their major contribution and dedication to our Faculty.

A special word of thanks must be expressed to our vice-dean, Dr. Melissa Forgie, who expertly guided us through the ups and downs of our medical education. Her availability and dedication to the students’ well-being are exemplary.

The Admissions Office for sending us the email we were all waiting for four years ago that gave us the opportunity to make our dreams a reality.

The Medical Education Office for their unwavering commitment and constant availability.

The Office of Student Affairs for ensuring our well-being and guiding our personal and professional development. They were often our lifeline during the most challenging times.

The Electives team, especially Kerry LeBlanc and Julie Clavelle, for their commitment to our success and satisfaction and for their problem solving skills, which helped to ensure our fourth year electives ran as smoothly as possible.

The Bureau des affaires francophones and the Consortium national de formation en santé for their sustained commitment to ensuring the ongoing maintenance and development of Francophonie within our program. Thanks to you and the many experiences you offer, our pride in being able to serve our patients in French, in taking part in medical education initiatives in French, in addition to being the only fully bilingual Faculty of Medicine in North America continues to grow.

The Office of the Indigenous Program for expanding our horizons and opening our minds.

The Office of Global Health for encouraging us to discover international medicine and providing us with training and support.

The MedTech team for delivering their indispensable services to ensure the smooth running of our e-curriculum.

We also wish to thank our professors, mentors, ePortfolio coaches, and clinical preceptors. They have shared their knowledge and passion, and have guided and inspired us over the last four years. Thanks also to the hospital coordinators and the Undergraduate Medical Education team members without whom our work would have been a lot more difficult.

Lastly, we would like to thank our families, partners and friends for having supported us. We know our successes are often due to your sacrifices.

As we stand here today to celebrate our accomplishments, we are grateful to every one of these individuals who were committed to ensuring our success.

Our heartfelt thanks to you all!

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