2019 Honorary Co-Presidents

Picture of Dr. Elianna Saidenberg

Elianna Saidenberg, MD
Assistant Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
The Ottawa Hospital, General Campus

Dr. Saidenberg is a clinical and laboratory hematologist at the Ottawa Hospital. She has been teaching in the uOttawa undergraduate medical program for approximately 10 years. Dr. Saidenberg lectures extensively in the Foundations Unit. She uses the time allotted to her in the curriculum to teach about hemostasis and transfusion, but also informs trainees about some of her personal experiences, including having and being treated for metastatic cancer, and how this has impacted her outlook on patient care and physician wellness. Dr. Saidenberg also engages with medical students through supervision of research projects, providing informal mentoring and following her students' academic and personal adventures on social media. Her efforts have been rewarded with the receipt of the Undergraduate Medical Education Communicator Competency Award in 2016 and the Undergraduate Medical Education Health Advocate Competency Award in 2017. However, she lists as her greatest reward for teaching seeing her students succeed in their medical training and careers. Dr. Saidenberg wishes to express her gratitude to this year’s class for being nominated and selected to act as the honorary copresident, she hopes it reflects her commitment to undergraduate education and the students she has had the privilege to teach.  

Picture of Dr. Alireza Jalali

Alireza. R. Jalali, MD
Associate Professor
Head of Anatomy,
Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Ali Jalali is the head of the Division of Anatomy at the University of Ottawa. He received his medical degree from the Université de Liège in Belgium and continued his postgraduate education in sports medicine there and at the Université de Paris 13 in France. Since joining the Faculty of Medicine in 2003, he has been teaching anatomy while exploring his passion for the use of technology by incorporating podcasts, YouTube, team-based learning, social media, and 3D printing in his teaching. Dr. Jalali has successfully researched technology use and benefits in medical education and has published more than 60 peer-reviewed articles and abstracts, and given more than 50 national and international invited speeches. His scholarly activity has brought national and international recognition, which earned him many awards, including the 2008 Canadian Association for Medical Education (CAME) Certificate of Merit Award and the 2010 University of Ottawa Excellence in Education Prize.

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