Appointment of Interim Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education

Picture of Chuck Su

Appointment of Dr. Charles Su, Interim Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education

Dr. Su has been an emergency department physician at the Winchester District Memorial Hospital for over 20 years, and was the Chief of Emergency Medicine from 2007 to 2012. He is a clinician teacher and Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine, and has held many positions since joining the Faculty of Medicine in 2007. He has been the Director of Distributed Medical Education since 2010, facilitating clinical rotations in rural settings thus offering learners a robust medical education. He leads the Leadership Curriculum for the medical students and in 2020, became the Director of Pre-Clerkship in the anglophone stream. He holds a cross-appointment to the Department of Family Medicine.

Dr. Su is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine’s Distinguished Teacher Program, offered to faculty members who are among the top five percent of all evaluated faculty and which recognizes them for exemplary and innovative teaching.

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