UGME Executive Committees

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC)



The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) is responsible to:

  1. Ensure that the curriculum reflects educational objectives for the undergraduate medical program;
  2. Provide central oversight of the overall design, management and evaluation of a coherent and coordinated curriculum;
  3. Develop methods to evaluate the quality of teaching and tutorial supervision by professors and tutors, consistent with University policy;
  4. Analyze aggregate student evaluations from the Student Promotion Executive Committee on a regular basis;
  5. Analyze aggregate faculty evaluations from all components of the curriculum on a yearly basis;
  6. Receive program evaluations of all components of the curriculum on a yearly basis;
  7. Make recommendations to Faculty Council regarding the curriculum and evaluation.


The UCC shall be composed of:

  1. Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) (Chair)
  2. Vice-Dean, Francophone Affairs
  3. Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs
  4. Assistant Dean, Admissions
  5. Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
  6. Chair or co-chairs of the UCC subcommittees
  7. Director, Curriculum Renewal
  8. Director, Social Medicine
  9. Director, Indigenous Program
  10. Director, Distributed Medical Education
  11. Director, Professionalism or designate
  12. Director, Accreditation
  13. Deputy Chief of Staff, CHEO (non-voting member)
  14. Vice-President, Education, TOH (non-voting member)
  15. Director of Medical Education, Institut du Savoir, Montfort Hospital (non-voting member)
  16. Vice-Dean, Faculty Affairs (non-voting member)
  17. Five (5) Department's representatives (members at large) nominated by the Faculty Nomination Committee. The term of office should be two years, renewable once. The appointments will be timed so that some of the terms of office will terminate on different years.
  18. Thirteen (13) students: the Francophone and Anglophone Class Presidents from each year, the Junior and Senior Vice-Presidents of Academic Affairs of the Aesculapian Society (only one of the VP Academic Affairs can vote), the Assistant Junior Vice-President of Academic Affairs, the Vice-President MD/PhD and the President of Aesculapian Society
  19. Two (2) graduates from the University of Ottawa MD Program within two years of graduation, one from Family Medicine and one from another specialty, nominated by the Vice-Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education for a two (2) year term (non-voting members)
  20. Director, Head, Research Support (non-voting member)
  21. Director, UGME (non-voting member)
  22. Director, Information Technology (non-voting member)
  23. Supervisor of Academic Services and Project Manager, UGME (non-voting member)
  24. Supervisor of Academic Services in Preclerkship, UGME (non-voting member)
  25. Supervisor of Academic Services in Clerkship, UGME (non-voting member)
  26. Supervisor, Assessment, Evaluation and Curriculum Office (non-voting member)
  27. Assistant to the Vice-Dean, UGME (non-voting member, providing administrative support)

The quorum shall consist of one third of the voting faculty members and one third of the students’ representative voting members.


Committee Revised Approval Date
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee April 02, 2015
Faculty Council June 16, 2015
Executive Committee of the Senate N/A
UGME Covid-19 Contingency Planning Committee July 28, 2020 (revision)
Faculty Council  August 25, 2020
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