A Collaborative Process

Accreditation of the MD program is essential to the medical school, and fosters a climate of continuous improvement of the program.

Maintenance of the quality of the program, and preparations for the accreditation survey visit require the support and involvement of every component of the Faculty of Medicine. Students, faculty members, and staff will all be involved in the Independent Student Analysis, the Medical School Self-Study and the site visit.

Steps in the accreditation process:

  1. Completion of the CACMS Data Collection Instrument by Faculty administrators, Faculty members and students.
  2. Preparation of an Independent Student Analysis base on a comprehensive student survey.
  3. Analysis of the database and other information sources by the Medical School Self-Study Task Force (MSSTF) and its subcommittees, and development of the committee reports, and the summative self-study report.
  4. Visitation by a CACMS survey team and preparation of the survey team report.
  5. Decision on accreditation by CACMS, and letter of notification to the school outlining issues that require attention, and requirements for subsequent actions. 
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