Interim Accreditation Review

The Interim Accreditation Review takes place at approximately the half-way point between two full accreditation reviews. A medical school may decide to initiate an interim review to avoid the intense effort associated with de novo preparations for full accreditation surveys, to encourage a culture of Continuous Quality Improvement, and to improve success in the accreditation process. At the University of Ottawa, we believe this is an important component of continuous quality improvement in medical education and allows our program to: 1) detect emerging problems with standards; 2) identify critical issues requiring more immediate action; 3) increase local accreditation expertise; 4) develop a culture of continuous quality improvement.

The Interim Accreditation Review produces a report which lists all areas that require improvement or monitoring and recommendations on what needs to be done and by whom. It indicates priorities and timelines for how the work should be carried out. The report belongs to the faculty and is not shared with the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools (CACMS). The Interim Review Committee monitors each area and reports to the Dean and key faculty committees on progress in addressing deficiencies. The Director of Accreditation has oversight of the follow-up on the recommendations.  These activities range from additional data collection and analysis of current program activities to implementation of new initiatives to ensure continuous quality improvement across all aspects of the medical program at the University of Ottawa.

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