The following is a summary of information available on the AFMC website.

The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) Council of Deans approved the establishment of a mandatory interim systematic review of all aspects of the medical school operation encompassed by the full range of accreditation standards. The adoption of a mandatory Interim Survey Review Process will:

  • Detect emerging problems with standards
  • Identify critical issues requiring more immediate attention
  • Increase local accreditation expertise
  • Develop a culture of continuous quality improvement

Steps in the Interim Review Accreditation

  • Collect documentation
  • Form Survey Team
  • Distribute, Collect & Review Checklists
  • Draft list of findings and send to External Interim Review Coordinator (IRC)
  • Onsite Survey (1.5 – 2 days)
  • Develop and finalize interim review report
  • Track progress

Interim Survey Team

The Interim Survey Team consists of the faculty IRC as Chair, an External IRC as Secretary, minimum three faculty (one basic-science, one clinical science and one clinical teaching) and two medical students (one pre-clerkship/junior and one clerkship/senior). It may be advisable to add more faculty members (e.g. three more) and students (2 more) to ensure that a minimum of three faculty members and one student are present at each meeting.

Interim Survey Report

The Interim Report is a list of all areas that require improvement or monitoring and recommendations on what needs to be done and by whom. It indicates priorities and timelines for how the work should be carried out. The report belongs to the faculty and does not need to be submitted. The IRC monitors each area and reports to the Dean and key faculty committees on progress in addressing deficiencies. Monitoring continues and leads into the start of the Medical School Self-Study (MSS) for the next full survey.

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