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Notice to all undergraduate students:

Most recently, some universities have made the decision to give undergraduate students the option of choosing a qualitative grade (satisfactory / unsatisfactory) for one of their eligible courses for the fall 2020 term as well as for the winter 2021 term. We would like to remind you that if you are considering applying to our Undergraduate Doctor of Medicine (MD) program, it is important to carefully consider the admission requirements before making your decision. To maintain your eligibility, you must have either letter or numerical grades for a minimum of four courses per semester.

Important information regarding the prerequisite courses:

Our eligibility criteria clearly states that prerequisite courses must be completed with a minimum Grade of B, therefore it is important to have either letter or numerical grades for all prerequisites. If a qualitative grade (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) is assigned for the prerequisites, you will be required to obtain either letter or numerical grades by the registrar of your institution. Exceptions will be granted only if the institution did not give students the option of choosing a qualitative grade for all their courses during the COVID-19 period.

Given the COVID-19 restrictions, we will exceptionally accept virtual labs only if in-person labs are not offered or accessible to students during this period.


Students seeking admission at RGN

Mission Statement, Admissions University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine

Our Mission is to select a culturally and socioeconomically diverse group of medical students who are ready to pursue academic and personal excellence and who possess multifaceted interests and personal qualities. These students will be able to, in an ethical and professional manner, contribute and be responsive to, the changing needs of society by:

  • Providing exemplary and compassionate patient care
  • Advancing the public’s health
  • Conducting ethical medical research and
  • Maintaining their personal wellness

Mandate of the Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee of the Faculty of Medicine has the following responsibilities:

  • Examination and evaluation of the applications.
  • Selection, on a competitive basis, of the eligible candidates who are best suited for training in medicine in accordance with the criteria approved by Faculty Council. It is highly desirable that the candidate who has had a broad exposure to the biological and physical sciences, also have a broad exposure to the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Our program:

The University of Ottawa is the only medical school in North America that offers the MD Program in both official languages, English and French.

Students select their language of study during the application process.

On average, 166 students are enrolled each new academic year, comprised of roughly 118 in the Anglophone stream and 48 in the Francophone stream.

Admissions facts for the 2021 application cycle:

  • Number of applicants: 4,802
  • Number of students who were interviewed: 600
  • Number of students admitted: 165

The application process and admissions process are the same for all categories of applicants.

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