Excellence of Marks

Each year, a minimum cumulative grade point average (cGPA) is set for the current application pool. The required minimum cGPA is 3.50/4.00 and upwards and may vary depending on the stream in which candidates apply to. It may also be influenced by the quality and quantity of applicants for that current year.

Based on recent admission statistics and the high volume of applications in the English stream, a cGPA of 3.85 or higher is considered competitive for admission.

Admission to the MD Program is competitive; possessing the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance.

When calculating the school grade point average to assess excellence in marks for admission to the MD program, we will use the cumulative grade point average (cGPA) based on the applicants most recent three years of full-time (5-courses per semester per year) undergraduate studies completed towards a bachelor’s degree in any recognized University. The cGPA will include all full-time courses taken during the regular academic year (Fall and Winter semesters) AND individual courses taken during the summer semester during that period. Marks obtained in an academic year where a candidate has completed a semester (or full year) abroad as part of an exchange program will not be included in the cGPA calculation. Any additional university courses or studies outside that period will be considered during the final comprehensive file review despite not being included in the cGPA calculation to ensure academic excellence is maintained.

For the academic year to count towards the cGPA calculation, a maximum of one pass/fail graded course per semester may have been completed in accordance with the five courses per semester each year requirement.  Therefore, an academic year in which more than one pass/fail graded course was taken in one semester is not considered in the cGPA calculation. On-line courses taken within the most recent three years of full-time study, which is used to calculate the cGPA, will be included in the assessment. Any on-line courses taken outside the most recent three years of full-time requirement will not be included in the cGPA.  Prerequisite courses with the minimum grade of B completed outside of the most recent three years will count towards fulfilling the prerequisite credits, however, the grades will not count towards the cGPA.


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