Choice of Language of Instruction

Candidates applying for admission to the MD program have the opportunity to submit their application to the English or the French stream regardless of their mother tongue or first language learned. Applicants must indicate their choice of language of instruction on the on-line application. Candidates must have proficiency in both oral and written forms, for their chosen language of application.

The interviews will be conducted in the language of instruction chosen by the candidate on the application. The proficiency skills in the chosen language of instruction will be scrutinized as the spirit of this policy is to allow the applicants to complete their medical studies in the language of their choice. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to assess the candidate's language proficiency skills, if need be.

Once admitted, students will not be allowed to switch from one language of instruction to the other. Medical students will commit to participating and following all teaching activities of the four-year program of studies in the chosen language of instruction.

Candidates applying to the French stream, please see language requirements at this link.

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