Admission via CNFS

Through the mandate of the “Consortium national de formation en santé” francophone minority students in Canada who originate from provinces other than Ontario and Quebec, have access to postsecondary studies leading to practice in the health care field. See the CNFS website for more details. These students are admitted over and above the quota of the Ministry  set by the Government of Ontario for our faculty.

Admission to the medical program of studies is possible if the candidate meets all of the eligibility criteria.  Candidates who apply through the “CNFS” program will be subject to the same selection procedures.

Interested candidates must complete the on-line application available at the Ontario Medical Schools website and follow the same application procedures as all other applicants. The application fees and institutional levy will apply and the candidates must follow the same method of payments as all other applicants.

An introduction letter must be sent directly to the Faculty of Medicine, indicating that one has applied for admission with the “Consortium national de formation en santé” through OMSAS, the Ontario Medical Schools Application Service. You must email your letter to the Admissions Office.

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