Military Medical Training Program (MMTP) - Canadian Armed Forces


Regular Force military candidates interested in the Military Medical Training Program can obtain more information by consulting the following intranet website address:

Military candidates who apply through the MMTP program must meet all application eligibility requirements including the completion of the necessary prerequisite courses.  These candidates must complete the on-line application available at and follow the same application procedures as all other applicants. The application fees and institutional levy will apply and the candidates must follow the same method of payment as all other applicants. 

  1. An introduction letter MUST be sent directly to the Faculty of Medicine, indicating that one has applied through OMSAS for admission through the MMTP with the Canadian Forces. 
  1. All military candidates wishing to apply to medical schools under MMTP sponsorship MUST inform Director General Military Careers DMCPG 5-2 – at CMP.DMCPG5@FORCES.GC.CA at the same time of their application to the medical schools.

For additional information regarding the MMTP application process please contact:

Name: DMCPG 5-2

Title: Commissioning and Education Programs Supervisor, Director General Military Careers



For additional information regarding Medical Officer recruitment/roles/responsibilities and prospective military service in Health Services it is strongly encouraged to also contact:

Name: Maj Tina Sweet

Title: Staff Officer Attraction and Retention, CF Health Services Group Headquarters

Tel: 613-901-1558


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