Instruction - Nature of The Program

The University of Ottawa offers the medical program in both official languages in a Faculty of Medicine where both the Francophone and Anglophone teaching activities correlate. These teaching activities enhance the development of linguistic skills in both French and English.

In view of the increasing use of information technology in our instructional program, applicants are expected to be computer literate and are required to use a laptop in class from day one.  Students must provide their own laptop and ensure that it meets requirements mandated by the Faculty’s medical eCurriculum.  Further information will be provided in the offer of admission package.

During their undergraduate training, the students acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to recognize, understand and apply effective, efficient strategies for the prevention and management of the most common and most severe health problems. The program integrates the basic and clinical sciences throughout the four years. It also emphasizes health promotion and disease prevention; it is responsive to individual needs and abilities and to the changes occurring in society and the health care system.

Emphasis is placed on self-learning; principles and facts are learned in a multidisciplinary fashion, in the context of clinical problems. Whole-class lectures and seminars are used to discuss basic concepts, explore new developments and provide overviews of the biomedical sciences fundamental to the practice of medicine. Training occurs in ambulatory, primary, secondary and tertiary settings, and the students function as members of the medical team in collaboration with other health professionals.

The training fosters trust and compassion, communication skills, ethical professional conduct and patient advocacy.

The program is scheduled over four calendar years and is divided into two sections. Pre-clerkship includes 64 weeks of study of essential biomedical principles and consists of six multidisciplinary units. The second section, of two calendar years duration is the clerkships and includes core rotations in, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Psychiatry, Family Medicine, Acute care as well as Mandatory Selective. A period of eighteen weeks is available for elective study in fourth year.  All students must also complete a month in a rural setting.

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