Know How to Report

By reporting all instances of mistreatment, you allow the Faculty to address each unique case in a professional and respectful manner.

You may report an instance of unprofessionalism or mistreatment either as a witness, or as a person who was directly involved in the situation.

There are a few options for reporting by clicking on either button below. 

  • Incident Report

    These go directly to the office of the Vice-dean of Undergraduate Medical Education, or to the Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs Office for triage.

    All reports are reviewed and acted upon in a timely manner, and on a case-by-case basis.

    If you have chosen not to be anonymous, you will be contacted to discuss the case further. At that time, we will talk about confidentiality with you.

    Depending on the case, and whether you, as the reporter, provide consent, members of the Faculty Leadership Team and / or leadership of the hospital administration will be involved in the discussion. 

    We urge you to report the instance as soon as it occurs so that we can provide you with effective support and take appropriate measures.
  • Evaluations through One45

    They are completely anonymous and are intended to provide constructive feedback specific to the teaching and learning environment. 

    All evaluations are compiled and reviewed upon completion of your rotation. Evaluations are flagged if they show results that are below expectations in any area.  Those which reveal professionalism or mistreatment concerns are then brought to the attention of the Vice-dean.

    **In order to ensure confidentiality of the evaluator, evaluation forms for preceptors are sent to the preceptor only after 6 evaluations have been received.
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