Preceptor explaining something to a student, about an x-ray photo of a foot on a computer monitor

Although few Royal College programs have mandatory community rotations (i.e Internal Medicine), residents are advised to include such a placement in their program, making them increasingly popular. In most of Ontario, the established rural networks (e.g. ERMEP, ROMP, etc.) financially support specialty postgraduate rotations that have a duration of at least one month. The funding covers travel and housing.

Rural or community rotations are also recommended for all specialties. There are a wide variety of specialty electives available in the region, but few are firmly organized. Our office, in partnership with the Postgraduate Medical Education Office and each clinical department, can help to organize rural specialty electives.

The local rural network ERMEP can provide funding for one-month specialty rotations that includes travel and housing expenses as well as preceptor stipends. Hopefully, this will promote an increase in the number of specialty electives in the DME community; the latter will be handled in a similar way as fourth-year student electives (i.e. establish objectives, offer mid-rotation feedback).

Please note that for programs developing an actual community rotation, the Postgraduate Program Director in that field will accredit the site and create clear objectives.

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