Kitigan Zibi

Aboriginal Community                       

Kitigan Zibi


Map, 1.5 hr drive northeast from Ottawa, community located in Quebec.  Car preferable.

Address, Telephone, Fax, Email of Health Centre or Clinic

Robin Decontie


Kitigan Zibi Health and Social Services

Box 160, 8 Kikinamage Mikan

Maniwaki, Qc

J9E 3B4

Tel: 819- 449-5593-4

Toll free: 1-866-660-5593

Fax: 819-449-7411


Website :

Health Care Facilities

  • Health Centre
  • Seniors Home
  • Group Home
  • School Nurse
  • Home Care Program

Clerkship (Clinical Rotations)

  • Work mainly with visiting family physicians for part of the week


  • Health Centre family physician, nurses
  • Seniors Home
  • School Nurse
  • Home Care
  • Enhanced Prevention Services Program
  • Health Education Program & Services
  • Work with multidisciplinary team members

Pre-clerkship ( Observership)

  • Shadow physician mainly


  • Health Centre
  • National Native Alcohol & Drug Abuse Program (NNADAP)
  • School Nurse
  • Enhanced Preventive Services Program
  • Shadow multidisciplinary team members

Professional Services

Family Physician, Nursing, Social Work, Home Care

Other Services

NNADAP Worker, Child & Youth Worker, Life Skills Coach

Community Schools

  • Medical students can visit


Daycare (50 spaces), Headstart Program, Preschool Program, Elementary School, Secondary School, Post-secondary Support Program

Cultural Services



Elder traditional healers:  Peter Decontie, Josée Whiteduck, Pauline Decontie, others (medical students can access these elders who support their learning)

Community & Recreational  Activities

Weekly activities such as hand drumming, square dancing, cooking, youth games.  Annual Pow-wow every June, National Aboriginal Day event, mid-winter social event, March Break activities


Billeting in several homes at no or minimal cost, cottage rental for visitors, hotels available nearby in Maniwaki QC



Contact Persons

Ms. Robin Decontie, Director

Kitigan Zibi Health and Social Services

Tel:  819-449-5593/4

Toll Free: 1-866-660-5593

Fax: 819-449-7411



Ms. Anita Tenasco, Director of Education

Kitigan Zibi Education Sector

(819)449-1798 Office

(819)449-8324 Cell


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