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Map, 2.0 hr drive northwest from Ottawa, community located in Ontario.  Car preferable.

Address, Telephone, Fax, Email

Minopimadiz-I Gamik Health Services

1643 Mishomis Inamo

P.O. Box 86

Golden Lake, ON   K0J 1X0

Tel: 613-625-2259

Fax: 613-625-2207

Secure fax: 613-625-1124


Community website: Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation:



Mrs. Maureen Kauffeldt, Heath Services Manager

Email:  mgr.health@pikwakanagan.ca

Health Care Facilities

Health Services Centre

Supportive Housing ( 9 senior and adult clients)

Clerkship (Clinical Rotations)

  • Work mainly with visiting family physicians for part of the week


  • Family Health Team
  • Health Association Team see below
  • Health Promotion Team see below
  • Work with multidisciplinary team members

Pre-clerkship ( Observership)

  • Shadow physician mainly


  • Family Health Team (includes Chronic Disease Management, Diabetes Educator, RPNs and medical assistants)
  • Health Association Team see below
  • Health Promotion Team see below
  • Shadow multidisciplinary team members

Professional Services

HAT & HPT composed of:

  • Community Health Representative (Foot care diabetes, health promotion and environmental health)
  • Community Health Nurse (Healthy Babies, Immunizations, Prenatal Care, Dental Care, similar to public health nurse)
  • Outreach worker (Adult mental health) - individual, family and community support.
  • Child and Youth Mental Health Demonstration project (0-18 yrs): psychotherapy, Child & Youth Worker
  • NNADAP Worker
  • Health and Community Care Coordinator Case management for adult needs, specialized equipment & supplies and provides support for respite care.
  • Medical Transportation
  • Brighter futures Coordinator Head Start Program, community activity planning (4 X per year)
  • Fitness/Nutritional Instructor fitness for all ages and heart smart (heart and stroke patients)
  • Senior/Client Services Supervisor supportive housing for 9 clients, home care program (30 clients) and high risk seniors.

Other Services

Palliative Cancer Care as needed (includes feasts, healing sessions, sweats, cleansing and fasts)

Omamawinini Pimadjwowin for traditional support

Community Schools

  • Medical students can visit


Daycare (50 spaces), Headstart Program, Preschool Program, Elementary School, Secondary School, Post-secondary Support Program

Cultural Services



Omàmiwininì Pimàdjwowin

The Algonquin Way Cultural Centre

The Omàmiwininì Pimàdjwowin mission is to revitalize, reintegrate, enhance and protect the cultural traditions, customs, practices, heritage, language and arts of the Algonquin Nation.


Community & Nearby  Activities, Sports Recreation

Traditional Pow-wow, community celebratory feasts

Pembroke and Petawawa nearby have many activities over the year


Temporary/casual visiting students billeted in Eganville (hotel) and Golden Lake (Golden Sands Hotel/Motel)


Mentorship and shadowing have been provided for Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Nursing students and clinical rotations for Bachelor of Social Work students also.

Telemedicine recently being developed and tried eg. Child & Youth Programs, Aboriginal health Circle Forum, Health & social

Nearby Hospitals:    Pembroke Regional Hospital, Renfrew Victoria Hospital, St Francis Memorial Hospital

Contact Person

Maureen Kauffeldt, Manager,

Minopimadiz-I Gamik Health Services

1643 Mishomis Inamo

P.O. Box 86

Golden Lake, ON K0J 1X0

Tel: 613-625-2259

Fax: 613-625-2207

Email: mgr.health@pikwakanagan.ca

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