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Clinical Neurosciences


The student will:

  • Acquire confidence and experience in performing a "complete" and "screening" neurological examination;
  • Learn the process of anatomical localization and etiologic differential diagnosis;
  • Learn the indications and interpretation of neurological investigations.
  • See a variety of neurological patients on the in-patient Service
  • Have the opportunity to join Residents for inpatient Consultations


The undergraduate Neurology rotation at OCH is open to all medical students. It is presently primarily based in the Clinical Teaching Unit. While on service, the student will care for patients with acute stroke as well as with a variety of neurological conditions under the close supervision of more senior neurology residents and staff.

There is also an opportunity for the student to participate in the inpatient consultation service, however this is scheduled at the students request.

Unfortunately, given the high volume of rotators we are unable to presently offer clinic based elective time.

Supervisor(s): Neurology Staff
Location: The Ottawa Hospital, Civic Campus, 7th Floor
Duration: Flexible
No. of Students: 1 - 3
Available for: 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students

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