Adult Radiology

Introduction to Diagnostic Imaging / Radiological Sciences

The Department of Radiology recognizes undergraduate student groups who wish to apply for observatory electives during their second year.

The Department of Radiology accepts all third year medical students for a one week Clerkship rotation.

The Department also recognizes undergraduate students in their fourth year who wish to apply for a two week elective.

No electives are offered to Y1 uOttawa students.

Year 2 uOttawa Students:

  • Y2 observatory elective requests must be submitted to the coordinator at the Diagnostic Imaging Undergraduate Education office by email, informing her of the area(s) of interest (MSK, Chest, Neuro and Abdominal imaging) and the preceptor of choice.
  • If the preceptor of choice is available, the student will be assigned to that preceptor. If not, then the coordinator will assign the student another preceptor in the same area of interest when possible.
  • The coordinator will then contact the preceptor and the student and advise them that they will be responsible for finding times to complete a ten or twenty hour observership over the next 6 months.
  • Please note that the observership will allow the student to shadow the preceptor during his/her hours of work but will NOT involve specific teaching. The purpose behind the observership is to give the student an idea of how the department works and what a radiologists day is like.
  • At the end of the observership, the student will have the Preceptor fill out the Y2 Observatory Elective Evaluation Form and hand it back to the coordinator. It is the students responsibility to have the internal Evaluation Form completed by the Preceptor and returned to the coordinator.
  • Student must register their elective in their CP account using Dr. Carolina Souza's name.
  • The Undergraduate Education Director will review the internal evaluation and fill/sign out the uOttawa Pre-Clerkship Elective form.
  • The completed uOttawa Pre-Clerkship Elective form is kept on file in the department; and scanned/emailed to the Electives Coordinator at the University of Ottawa with a copy to the student.

Undergraduate Director, Diagnostic Imaging: Dr. Carolina Souza


Clinical Radiation Oncology


To introduce the student to a multidisciplinary cancer care setting, with an emphasis on the role of radiotherapy in the curative management of cancer.


To introduce the student to the multidisciplinary approach to cancer care in a variety of tumour sites. Students will be involved in outpatient clinics only. They will become familiar with the staging and investigation of cancer and cancer-related problems, including intra-operative assessments and procedures. In addition, they will have the opportunity to be introduced to the "behind the scenes" treatment planning, simulation, and delivery of curative radiotherapy.

Director: Dr. Choan E
Location: The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre
Duration: any duration to a maximum of 4 weeks
No. of Students: 2
Available for: 1st and 2nd  years


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