The Ottawa Hospital – Civic and General Campus Description:

The Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at the Ottawa Hospital offers elective experience to interested undergraduate medical students in their 3rd or 4th years of training.

For the 3rd and 4th year students, electives of 2 to 3 weeks duration are available. This is in addition to the mandatory rotation on the Anesthesiology service in the medical school curriculum. Emphasis will be directed toward developing a clearer understanding and appreciation of the specialty of Anesthesiology. The student will learn to perform a pre-anesthetic evaluation and learn how patient factors may influence the perioperative period. The student will acquire basic knowledge of the pharmacology of anesthetic agents and medications. He/she will become familiar with the anesthetic machine and breathing circuit, as well as the specialized anesthesiology monitors. By the end of the elective the student should be able to conduct, under supervision, a basic general anesthetic involving induction of anesthesiology, airway management, maintenance, emergence and recovery room care. The opportunity to learn regional anesthesiology, such as spinal blocks, will also be available.

Supervisor(s): Dr. Ramlogan (Civic Campus) and Dr. Szeto (General Campus)
Location: The Ottawa Hospital, General and Civic Campuses
Duration: 2-3 weeks
Available for: 3rd and 4th year students

Pediatric Anesthesiology


  • To learn the anatomy and management of the pediatric airway in the unconscious patient.
  • To learn how to intubate the trachea.
  • To learn vascular assess techniques.
  • To learn about anesthesia pharmacology in children.
  • To participate in the rounds and teaching sessions of the department.


This clinical elective is usually available only for students who have already completed a prior rotation in adult anesthesiology and must be recommended/approved by the Department Head or Coordinator in that adult department.

Students will work with different staff members in the operating room and other areas where anesthesiology services are provided at CHEO. They will be given "hands-on" clinical experience under the direct supervision of staff members. The major emphasis is on the acquisition of useful clinical technical skills.

They are expected to become familiar with the techniques and equipment used in the airway management of the unconscious patient, as well as acquiring skills in intravenous (and arterial) access.

The student should become familiar with pre-operative assessment of children and appreciate the implications of co-existing disease or medications on anesthetic drugs and management.

Supervisor(s): Dr. Gail Ryan
Location: Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Duration: 1 week (minimum)
No. of Students: 1
Available for: Final year medical students
Pre-request: Student must have done an Adult Anaesthesia elective.

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