Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Undergraduate electives

Students are very welcome to the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine to do their elective rotations. We offer different programs depending on the academic year of the student, their particular interest and their previous experience in the domain.

Our Department has four different Divisions: Anatomical pathology, Haematology and Transfusion Medicine, Microbiology and Biochemistry. We are presently offering rotations in Anatomical Pathology and Haematology. Since our program is under restructuration, we strongly suggest you to revisit this page briefly to look for new electives programs.

Pre-clerkship Electives

Non-mandatory 10h elective (Offered to U of Ottawa Students ONLY)

The non-mandatory elective is observational. It is usually the first contact of the student with the specialty and the objective is to show what we are here for and how we do our job. Although it is not a pre-requisite for consecutive rotations in our department, we strongly recommend the students that are interested in pathology to do this introductory rotation in order to better profit from the succeeding electives.

Introduction to Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (under development

2nd Year mandatory 20h elective (Offered to U of Ottawa Students ONLY)

The program of this rotation is under development. Presently, the students that come to this rotation are expected to follow approximately the same program that is offered for the 10h elective, but with some extra hands-on activities.

Clerkship Electives

4th Year elective (U of Ottawa and Visiting Medical Students)

This program is under development. Presently, the medical students have the opportunity to be exposed to the same medical activities that a junior resident in anatomical pathology is exposed to. There is a possibility of doing a specific rotation in cardiovascular pathology.

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