Endocrinology (Pediatric)


  • To develop an approach to the assessment of a patient with short stature
  • To develop and approach to the assessment and initial investigations of a patient with precocious or delayed puberty
  • To become familiar with the presentation and management of hypo- and hyperthyroidism in children and adults.
  • To become familiar with the presentation, initial and long-term management of children and adolescents with diabetes.


The student will attend two Endocrinology and three Diabetes Clinics per week and Obesity clinic every second week. One of the Endocrinology clinics is comprised of a significant amount of patients with bone health issues. The weekly post clinic conferences allows for discussion of interesting cases and the opportunity for the student to learn through cases they may not have seen first hand in the clinic. Students may also observe family education sessions for children and adolescents with new onset diabetes prior to initiation of insulin pump therapy. The student will attend the weekly Endocrine Journal Club and will be asked to present once during the elective period. Endocrinology is primarily an out-patient specialty, but the student will have the opportunity to carry out in-patient consultations as they arise and to follow their progress.  

Location: Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario

Duration: 2 - 4 weeks

No. of Students: 1

Available for: All medical students, priority given to clinical clerks

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