Gastroenterology (pediatric)


  1. To use knowledge and skills to assess children and youth with various gastrointestinal, liver and pancreatic conditions.
  2. To practice taking a focused history from parents and youth with respect to problems in the digestive tract.
  3. To practice physical examination skills in infants, children and youth, particularly focusing on the digestive tract.
  4. To learn fundamentals about digestive diseases in children and youth.

Students are encouraged to define 1 or 2 specific objectives of their own for the rotation, to be completed during the time on service.


The elective rotation involves primarily out-patient clinics, and attendance at endoscopy procedures. When no clinics are being held, the student will join the inpatient service for rounds and patient care. Students would be expected to assist with consults and see patients in follow-up.  Students will be supervised by the faculty, and work with the team involved with patient care, including nurses, dietitians and the social worker.

LOCATION: Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario
DURATION: 2 weeks
AVAILABLE FOR:  Clinical clerks only
PRE-REQUISITE:  Core training in pediatrics
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