General Inpatient Clinical Teaching Unit

Unavailable until further notice


  • To improve history taking and physical examination in the pediatric patient;
  • To learn which pediatric illnesses require in-patient care;
  • To experience pediatric in-patient case management and integration with community services;
  • To appreciate the principles of hospital bed utilization.


The student will be part of the clinical teaching unit consisting of a Paediatric attending, a pediatric senior resident and 4 to 5 PGY1s. The team will be responsible for the care of 25 to 35 children of various ages with acute but not generally life-threatening illnesses. Each student will be responsible for 2 to 4 patients they will manage in conjunction with the senior members of the team. They will also be on-call at night usually with a PGY1 and with a senior pediatric resident in-house. They will be expected to make rounds of all the patients with the team each day and to be fully involved with the educational activities of the ward team.

Location: Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

Duration: 2 weeks

No. of Students: 1-3 students

Available for: Clinical Clerks only


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