Pediatric Hematology/Oncology


Through exposure of students to the care of patients and their families and through use of the clinical and laboratory resources of the Hematology/Oncology program at the Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario the objectives of this elective are:

  1. To enhance pediatric clinical skills.
  2. To help the students appreciate the impact of a serious illness on a child and their family.
  3. To learn basic principles of pediatric hematology and oncology.
  4. To enable students to appreciate the care and support given to patients and their families.
  5. To observe lumbar puncture and bone marrow aspirate procedures.
  6. To pursue a small research project if desired. 


Preclinical: These students will work directly with a staff physician once a week in clinic during either the general oncology clinic or one of the subspecialty clinics.

Clinical: These students will participate in the clinical activities of the pediatric hematology/oncology service either on the in-patient service or out-patient in the clinic.  The student will work directly with the staff physician as well as with the clinical assistant, fellow or resident if they are also on the service.  On the inpatient service they will participate in daily rounds as well as consults and procedures as they are available,  On the outpatient service they will participate in the general oncology as well as subspecialty clinics. They will also observe bone marrow aspirate and lumbar puncture procedures as they are available.

LOCATION: Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
DURATION:  2 - 4 weeks
AVAILABLE FOR: All medical students, priority given to clinical clerks
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