Pediatric Intensive Care


To observe a wide variety of paediatric diseases in critically ill children and to observe the interaction between staff, parents and children during critical illness, as well as to learn how basic pathophysiology and pharmacology can be applied in the management of critically ill children.


It will be possible for the student to take part in the investigation and care of patients under the direct supervision of the Faculty supervisor.  Because of the comparatively low number of patients and the high acuity of their illnesses, it may be possible to discuss at greater length than is normally possible on general wards the pathophysiology each patients condition.  The amount of responsibility given to fourth year students will depend on their experience, enthusiasm and length of rotation. There is an expectation to do 1-2 evening calls to maximize clinical exposure.

Location: Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario

Duration: 2-4 weeks

No. of students: 1

Available for: All medical students

Prerequisite: Core Pediatric rotation and final year of training

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