Inner City Health


Ottawa Inner City Health Inc aims to improve the health and access to health care for people who are chronically homeless. Our main function is to coordinate and integrate health care services so that homeless individuals can receive the same quality of health care as other Canadians. Health issues, while homeless are often complicated by the lack of housing, family support and care.  OICH has special health care units which are located within local homeless shelters creating a safe environment where health care can be provided.  These special units are staffed by personal support workers and supported by visiting nurses and doctors. They are operated through a partnership between the shelters. . Inner City Health provides services to the homeless with complex health needs at seven different sites. Elective students will have an opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary team consisting of Client Care Workers (PSWs), Nurse Coordinators and Nurse Practitioners to help provide this care.  All members of the team play a very important role in assisting our patients during their recovery process. Dr. Turnbull, our medical director is on site once or twice a week for medical rounds only and this, based on client need. Some of the expectations of the elective are different than most community health centers and at times requires you to be very self-directed and work independently.  Keep an open mind as it is a great opportunity to learn/experience things you will  not have otherwise done in a more traditional clinical setting. This is a UNIQUE clinical experience for a very specific population that does not fit into a standard model of care. Some flexibility is required.

Location: The Ottawa Hospital (3 sites - Civic, General and Riverside). Note that preceptors work at all 3 sites.
Duration: minimum of 2 weeks.  We will make exceptions for returning students.
No. of Students: We only book one student at a time. We will make exceptions for returning students

Available for: clerkship level students

Exclusion period: We do not book students between the first week of December to the first week of January, or in June, July, August

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