Nuclear Medicine Elective for Undergraduate Medical Students


An introduction to the Nuclear Medicine specialty, its field of practice and future contribution to medicine of precision. 


During the elective, students will have the opportunity to rotate at both General and Civic campus of the Ottawa Hospitals, ensuring a wide exposure to the diagnostic and therapeutic aspect of NM. Students will be learning and actively participating in the performance, interpretation of the routine NM tests encompassing the entire human body, and they are encouraged to apply their acquired knowledge of physiology and pathophysiology of disease into the interpretation of NM tests. They will also learn to integrate anatomic imaging and functional imaging such as PET/CT to understand how the modality will be a significant contribution to the medicine of the future, the medicine of precision. They will have an active contact with patients in various settings of the diagnostics tests such as cardiac stress tests and also participating in evaluating patients for therapeutic procedures for benign or malignant conditions. They will be able to participate in various academic activities of the NM residency program.  By the end of the elective rotation the student is expected to have familiarized and gained insight into the practice of Nuclear Medicine.

Director: Dr. Stephen Dinning

Location: The Ottawa Hospital

Duration: 2-4 weeks

No. of Students: Maximum 2

Available for: Medical students in any year

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