Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery / General

Objectives & Description:

  • Student will formulate the indications and contraindications for certain surgical procedures and appreciate the risk/benefit criteria for patient selection.
  • Student will contribute to the preparation of patients for surgery and will participate in their care postoperatively.
  • Student will be able to develop a surgical plan which includes:
    1. objectives of the procedures
    2. concepts and principles that apply
    3. anatomic considerations
    4. operative steps
    5. criteria of acceptability and unacceptability
    6. possible complications
  • Student should be able to diagram, discuss, or demonstrate on a model the essential parts of the operation.
  • Student should become proficient in the performance of minor surgical procedures, and be able to perform the following: incision and wound closure; precise and delicate mobilization of tissue; correct use of instruments for tasks; dexterous manual coordination; physical assessment of problems and results.

Location: The Ottawa Hospital (General/Civic) and CHEO

Duration: 2 weeks

No. of Students: 2 from Pre-Clerkship; 2 from Clerkship

Available for: 2nd years (after completion of Integration Unit); 3rd and 4th year students


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