Orthopedic Surgery


  • To learn the basic concepts regarding fracture treatment and be able to accurately assess musculoskeletal injuries in adults;
  • To recognize orthopedic problems that may require surgery, and be able to prepare the patient for referral;
  • To develop sufficient proficiency in cast application and removal (short arm and short leg casts);
  • To participate in orthopedic clinics, rounds, and specialty clinics, and to attend the orthopedic plaster clinics;
  • Possibility of a small clinical research projects.


The main emphasis of the 2 to 4 week elective is to provide the student with a sound basis in the approach to physical examination. These skills are best acquired in the orthopedic outpatient clinic where the student would spend the majority of his or her rotation. During the rotation the student would be paired with a resident who would be in a position to carry the emergency paper at intervals during the week. The student would therefore accompany the resident to the emergency room and be in attendance during the initial history, physical exam, and review of radiographs. The student would have the opportunity to assist with closed reductions in the emergency room, and would also have the opportunity to assist in the operating room. The student would be expected to perform call with his or her attending orthopedic surgeon one night per week to maximize exposure to clinical material. A variety of weekly rounds are available, in which the student should be involved along with the residents.

Available Sub-specialties: Arthoplasty (hip and knee), Spine, Sports Injuries (shoulder and knee), Upper Extremities.

Location: The Ottawa Hospital, Civic and General Campuses

Duration: 2-4 weeks

No. of Students: 6

Available for: 3rd and 4th year students

Orthopedic Surgery for Stage I (Preclerkship) students


The purpose is to emphasize applied clinical anatomy of the musculoskeletal system and to introduce the student to common orthopedic conditions. Some emergency and operative room experience is available.

Location: The Ottawa Hospital, Civic Campus and General Campus

Available for: 1st and 2nd year students

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