Aboriginal Communities Electives

Aboriginal patients, families and communities face many challenges in their lives that affect all aspects of their health, more so than in the general population.  Since most communities are rural or remote and have limited health care resources, these electives will certainly demonstrate that the front line care is an essential service in context of the larger health care system.  There is also a growing portion of aboriginal populations in urban centres with similar problems.

As a medical student, you will learn to appreciate:

  • The poor health status, historical and social context of these communities;
  • How culture permeates their daily lives, including all aspects of their health and well-being and empowers their resiliency;
  • Effective communication and interaction with aboriginal patients and their families; and,
  • Working with a multidisciplinary team and using a wholistic approach are important in giving optimal care to this population.

Elective opportunities:

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