Extracurricular Activities

The Academic Coordinator, Clerkship is responsible for the extracurricular activities. These include the following:

  • Community service
  • Special interest groups
  • Contribution to the Faculty of Medicine
  • Leadership experience

It is essential that you take time to enter all your extracurricular activities in your clinical placement file every year. Please follow these steps:

  • Link to the entry page
  • Username and password are same as the one you use to access your ONE45 account
  • Open your file by choosing “Clinical Placement”
  • Choose: “Register a new activity”
  • Make sure to complete all sections of the form and save
    • Note that the comment section will not be transferred

Initial input by student will show the following: Entered by student. All activities will require confirmation. Please read the following carefully.


If you cannot find the activities to be registered on your MSPR in the drop-down list, please send an email to coormed@uottawa.ca. If the activity is approved, it will be added to the drop down list.

When corresponding with the Academic Coordinator, Clerkship via email, please use your Ottawa University address, and the following as your subject line:

Last Name, First Name –  Cohort MDXXXX - subject of your email

This will prioritize your email and help me process it faster.

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